Thursday, December 30, 2010

Little crates full of goodies

These crates were built from repurposed shipping crates that were used to ship tractors! The cable was repurposed from an old seed cleaning machine.

There was quite a bit more work and cost involves in these than I anticipated. Since I left the nails and staples embedded in the wood I chewed through a lot of sanding belts. They used a hefty amount of finishing materials, too. Although they look rough and beat up (and they are) the finish is silky-smooth. The finished product was a real pleasant surprise and the boxes are handy for any number of things. I built one for the house and we keep the remotes and wii controls in it.

I initially made six of them but currently have enough materials cut for six more. Will build to suit. Email me if you have custom ideas.

Price: $85.00

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  1. i can't decide whether i like the photos or the crates more... :)